Jesse Huang

Postdoc Fellow in Mathematics

CAB 477

University of Alberta

Department of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences

Edmonton AB, Canada T6G 2G1


I am a postdoc fellow at the University of Alberta, supported by a Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences postdoc fellowship (2021-2023) and the NSERC Discovery Grant (2021-2024); my postdoc mentor is David Favero (now at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities). I received my PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2021; my PhD advisor is James Pascaleff. 

My research broadly touches upon symplectic geometry and algebraic geometry, with a focus on the interplay between them predicted by mirror symmetry. Generally, I hope to use mirror-geometric constructions to identify meaningful algebraic structures of the coherent derived categories. I have been thinking about how this idea pans out under certain contexts such as GIT wall-crossings and crepant resolutions, and its applications to problems in birational geometry and noncommutative algebra.

I will be on the job market for tenure-track positions starting in academic year 2025-2026.